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Comparing the Top B2B Platforms for Ecommerce

E-commerce businesses are thriving these days. Whether it be big brands or start-ups, all types of businesses have ventured into the E-commerce world. Now, b2b businesses are venturing into t as well. If you wish to build a B2B e-commerce solution, the first thing you need to do is select a quality platform.

What is a b2b platform?

B2B platforms are those which cater to B2B companies. These companies provide services to other companies. Some examples include packaging industry, marketing agencies, agricultural good producers, etc. One of the best b2b platforms is Shopify.

Apart from Shopify b2b, there are a lot of other b2b platform examples in the market. You must analyse them on the basis of their offering and decide on a platform that offers the best platform.

Here is a B2B e-commerce platform comparison that might help you in making the right decision.


Shopify is equipped with an array of features that make it an excellent option for b2b companies. For instance, the Shopify Plus generates wholesale storefront automatically and also integrates your current branding into it as well. Moreover, it also lets you set customized and dynamic prices. For b2b companies, this is a value-added feature as mostly prices you charge depend on your relationship with the customers.


Alibaba isn’t just a huge name in China and Asia. Instead, it is considered to be an excellent b2b wholesale platform in USA and Canada as well. This is mainly because it caters to a larger customer market than Amazon and eBay combined. In 2012 alone, the site successfully handled over 170000 million dollars’ worth of sale. Therefore, it is considered to be a lucrative option for B2b businesses. Another thing that makes the platform usable in America is its ability to deliver its services in multiple languages.


Kinnek has been raging a storm in all parts of the world. This platform revolves around connecting SMEs with the suppliers. By being a valuable supplier who offers a competitive rate, you can make use of this site to access an array of SMEs. The algorithm used by the platform makes sure that you are notified of customers if you deliver the required products. Here, customers cannot view the product list. Instead, the ask for specific products that then the supplier delivers information about it. This is a unique model that can prove to be fruitful for B2B companies.


Use these platforms to create the perfect B2B website.


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