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How to Choose your B2B Ecommerce Platform

  1. Functionality

B2B has various requirements that are needed when they sell to other businesses. Therefore, it is important that the platform you choose meets all those requirements. Some of the functions required include a responsive design in which your platform should be able to provide a design that is compatible with all kinds of platforms. This feature is quite important as customers shop through various devices. Therefore, the platform should be compatible for tablets, phones etc.

Self service is another function required. Customers prefer being able to find answers to all their questions themselves, therefore it is important that your platform should provide all the information that customers may need. Customers should easily be able to find information such as shipping information, how to track orders etc.

Another required function is the payment option. The B2B ecommerce platforms have different customers as compared to B2C customers. They have to cater to much larger orders therefore the inventory can run out any time. Therefore, it is important that your platform is flexible and should be able to let their customers for one invoice or just make part of their payment.

  1. Platform type

There are two kinds of platforms, a hosted on-premise platform which means that the software will be needed to install on-site. You are in charge of taking care of the servers that will be used for the software. Another kind of platform is a fully hosted cloud based platform in which you can get access to your webstore from anywhere with an internet connection. There are various features related to these platform types.

An open source platform is one that allows you to change the platforms code. This will allow you to design your platform in whatever way you want. On the other hand an out-of-the-box platform is one that lets users only use templates for the design of the website. In an on-premise platform user would have to maintain their website themselves while on a cloud based platform it is done for you.

  1. Integration

Another important factor that is to be kept in mind is that the platform should be able to integrate with other systems that they use. Through this you will know that all your platforms are simultaneously working together. With the help of proper integration, you can make sure your business works efficiently and provides a better and stronger customer relationship.


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